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Second marriage and Divorce issues in Astrology
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Second Marriage Yog In Kundli According To Astrology | Swami Muktanand Shastri

The success of second marriage mainly depends on three things. Presence of Beneficial planets in the proper houses. If every issue is all right, but the lord of current mahadasha is not beneficial, the second marriage will not have a positive vibe. If the second house contains stable elements or not having any malefic influence, that indicates a happy marriage.

Beneficiary second house and the 2 nd house controlling lord suggests the success of second marriage in astrology. We already know that the eighth house in theUpapadaLagnais responsible for 2 nd marriages. The ninth house from the UpapadaLagna also holds a vital role in the aspect of the second marriage. If there is a malefic planet ruling the ninth house in the UpapadaLagna.

This is painful for the spouse who is that person already married.

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Also, sometimes, such situations happen that married couples put themselves in isolation from each other. As a result, this leads to a separation of marriage. The separation is always painful for the persons who are going through them. Moreover, it is painful for family members. Especially it is tough to bear for the child if they have any children. After that, take the name of goddess Parvati.

Most importantly offer green lentils to the goddess while taking her name in the form of a mantra.


Therefor If you can gain the favor of goddess Parvati, she will undoubtedly help to keep your spouse from marrying second time as your household will be full of joy and love. Above all, you need to do this for a month every day to settle things up in your household. Hope whoever seeks help to keep their marriage alive and happy to achieve their goal.

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Second Marriage Astrology Page Contents. Please rate this I Love Your Comments. Related posts:. Vashikaran Totke For Husband. Sale Increase Mantra. Astro Solution For Financial Problems. Review Second Marriage Astrology. My date of birth 5 December I am not happy with my marriage life. Do I have divorce yog and remarriage yog in my kundali. My DoB is 25 may time is 3.

Please give me a suggestion on second marriage my dob is 31 December am in Hyderabad , Telangana I am a widow.

Do I have remarriage in my fate and when please give me details. I m not manglik. Bt can i marry to angshik manglik. I m married to my husband since 9th feb but because of my in laws i left that house on 1st nov Still now there is no solution for our marriagge.

I have 5 months old daughter. Are there any chances of re union or i would have to face divorce. Sir please tell how would be my second marraige…?? My dob I got married on and then I got separated on My dob is , Time : 8. Husband date of birth is Will there will be reunion or divorce. Chances of second marriage is there. Brith details: 11th july , time : 1. I got married on 24 july But soon after marrage he started thourching me without any region just on advaice of his elder sister-in-law.

Will my marrage will end up with divorce. I would like to know that is their any chance of remarriage in my kundli. Plz reply me as soon as possible on my e-mail. My birth details are 14jan B PM. B Pthankote.

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Is there a second marriage in my life? If so when and what type of a person will it be with? I am not interested in my first marriage, will i get Divorce from my marriage???

I just want to break this relation… pleasee tell any chances of Divorce in my kundali??? I have wife and 2 kids. Our marriage is love marriage. But the relationship between me and wife is really in trouble. I am physically challenged and i tried my level best to support her. But i am expecting a lovely approach from her all the times and is not happening.


Second Marriage Yog In Kundli According To Astrology

I am mentally disturbed a lot and to be honest, i am not happy. At this point, i do not want to go for divorce since kids future is important. At the same time, i am looking to marry a girl who can take care of me like anything with lots of love and affection. I dont know whether this will happen or not. Am I having two marriage yoga.. I got married on Will my husband divorce me or there will be re-union? He stops communication and dominates me. Female, dob- am Dt- 5 th Jan.

And if it will then whether I will get of my choice or not??? Dob Place — new delhi Time pm I want to know if there is second marriage in my kundali and when will it happen. I was born in Kolkata city. I got married with a muslim girl.