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Want to know whether you could earn enough money and lead a rich life? There are many signs indicating if you could be rich and acquire a good amount of wealth by reading your palm lines. Now, follow us to see if you own lines of money. Fig 3. Fig 2. Fig 1. To judge how much wealth a person will become, the money line itself is not enough. There are many other signs deciding if you could be rich in life.

Fig 6.

Fig 5. Fig 4. Fig 7. Fig 8. Fig 9. Fig However, whether you could earn a lot of money is not purely decided by if you own good money lines. It needs to read your nose, face, looks and more together. The most important thing to decide if you could be wealthy is whether you could make great effort to create wealth. Most Popular 1. Cheiro is the world famous modern palmist who learnt palmistry from India. The specialty of the Cheiros Language of the hand is that it helps you to study human character, material success, divorce, suicidal tendency, creativity, intelligence and social status as simple as ABC.

The book has been written to the point and understandably. What is the difference between chirognomy and chiromancy? The science of palmistry has been divide into two parts. One is Chirognomy and other one is chiromancy. The Chirognomy predicts the human fate and characters by studying hand shape, fingers, skin, colors of the palm, nails, mounts and thumb etc.

Palm Reading: Online Palmistry Guide

While, the Chiromancy deals with the lines on the palm. Both Chirognomy and Chiromancy are interdependent. You can study the human character easily. You can recognize a stranger if he is a bully, stubborn, selfish, generous, courageous, commanding and knowledgeable etc. Learning about the lines on the palm can be a bonus or grace to your palmistry knowledge. You can easily predict the health, mental illness such as epilepsy, severe headache or any diseases pertaining to head can by predicted by the help of headline on the palm. The divorce and death of the life partner can also be foretold by studying the lines on the palm.

How to know if the palmist is genuine and popular.

Palmistry Basics: Exploring Lines on Your Palm

There is no such tool to know if a palmist is genuine. However, I would like to tell some information so that you can easily understand if the palm reader has command over palmistry. Most of the people who claim to have knowledge of palmistry say that the right hand is for men and left hand is for women. If you are a man and the hand reader only see your right palm then you will come to know the palmist has no knowledge. If you are a woman and the palm analyst reads your left hand then you should understand the palmist has no knowledge. If a palm reader studies lines of the palm only without considering the back side of the palm, shape and size of the palm, color, skin, nails, thumb and mounts of the palm, then you can easily understand that the hand reader is not genuine.

Some palm reader might tell you that your life partner will be beautiful by just seeing the similar half-moon shaped heart line. If the palm reader predicts the beautifulness of the life partner, then you should understand the palmist is an impersonator. So far as popularity is considered you can check on the internet from the Google Review and website analysis tools like www.

These web analysis tool can tell how many visitors are coming to the palmistry website every month. What is the procedure to consult a palmist? Though there is no hard and fast rule to consult a hand analyst, it is better to consult in the morning.


The small and partial visible lines are clearer in the morning than the evening. Be positive about the palm reader. You should provide your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to the palm reader in order to get more accurate result. It is very important that the palmist is well versed in astrology and numerology also.

The astrology and numerology can bring more accurate prediction. My personal view is to have simultaneous study of palmistry, astrology and numerology. It will help you to get accurate time of events in your life. What is the fees for palmistry reading? There is no fix charges for a palmistry reading. I usually charge Rs in Mumbai. Some of my known hand readers charge 3k. One of my friend named Manish Paliwal in Delhi charges 2k. How long does it take to have palm reading? The palmistry session usually take 30 minutes to 45 minutes. However, it depends upon the curiosity and satisfaction of the client. How many times should I get my palm read? There is no fix rule as to how many times you should get are palm studied. It altogether depends upon you as to when you want to get your hand reading done. However, the smaller lines like travel line, ascending and descending lines are changeable.

The symbols like star, cross, island, single line, spot and square mark might come all of a sudden and without your notice. The small symbols can have extreme effect on the palm. That can either bring good or bad results. My suggestion is to get the hand reading done in every 3 years. You can also do it more frequently. Yes, the lines on the palm are changeable. The major lines are generally not changeable. The small lines and symbols keep on changing on the palm and bring result accordingly. Fate is inevitable. No one can change the fate. However, the palmist can guide you to get more productivity and achievement in life.

For example, you are man of creative, imaginative and innovative character. However, you are not getting phenomenal achievement due to lack of execution. The palmist can easily find it by studying the shape of the palm, headline on the palm and thumb. The hand reader can tell you to have a plan to execute so that you can be alert.

Destiny is not changeable in most of the cases. However, you can change your destiny by means of strong will power and sheer determination. Unsparing destiny is like a crooked nail inside a timber. You keep on trying to pull it out by means of various tools until you are successful. Similarly, you should keep on trying to achieve in life and change the destiny.

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Your destiny can only be changed when the bad Karma has been neutralized due to your serious effort. Which hand should be studied? Left or right? There is a myth among the lovers of palmistry and people. Most of the people know that the right hand is for man and left hand is for woman. However, it is not correct. Both the hand should be studied with equal importance be it a man or woman.

If someone studying a particular hand depending on your gender, then you should understand that the palmist is a fake and has not studied. I am left hander. Should I show my left hand or right hand? Generally, your active hand should be given more importance. If you are a left hander, then you should inform the palm reader that you are a left hander.

If you are a right hander then also you should tell about this to the palmist. However, hand analyst should study and research with equal importance.