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The university encourages green purchasing when possible and installing energy-efficient technologies. Water conservation technologies have been installed across campus, and the university employs a variety of techniques to manage storm water. The official university mascot is Oski the Bear , who debuted in Previously, live bear cubs were used as mascots at Memorial Stadium until it was decided in that a costumed mascot would be a better alternative.

Named after the Oski-wow-wow yell, he is cared for by the Oski Committee, whose members have exclusive knowledge of the identity of the costume-wearer. The University of California Marching Band , which has served the university since , performs at every home football game and at select road games as well. A smaller subset of the Cal Band, the Straw Hat Band, performs at basketball games, volleyball games, and other campus and community events. Wearing their traditional blue and gold rugbies, Rally Committee members can be seen at all major sporting and spirit events.

The Rally Committee is also responsible for safekeeping of the Stanford Axe when it is in Cal's possession. The Cal Mic Men, a standard at home football games, has recently expanded to involve basketball and volleyball.

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The traditional role comes from students holding megaphones and yelling, but now includes microphones, a dedicated platform during games, and the direction of the entire student section. Overlooking the main Berkeley campus from the foothills in the east, The Big "C" is an important symbol of California school spirit.

The Big "C" has its roots in an early 20th-century campus event called "Rush", which pitted the freshman and sophomore classes against each other in a race up Charter Hill that often developed into a wrestling match. It was eventually decided to discontinue Rush and, in , the freshman and sophomore classes banded together in a show of unity to build "the Big C". Cal students invented the college football tradition of card stunts. Then known as Bleacher Stunts, they were first performed during the Big Game and consisted of two stunts: a picture of the Stanford Axe and a large blue "C" on a white background.

The tradition continues today in the Cal student section and incorporates complicated motions, for example tracing the Cal script logo on a blue background with an imaginary yellow pen. The California Victory Cannon, placed on Tightwad Hill overlooking the stadium, is fired before every football home game, after every score, and after every Cal victory. First used in the Big Game, it was originally placed on the sidelines before moving to Tightwad Hill in The only time the cannon ran out of ammunition was during a game against Pacific in , when Cal scored 12 touchdowns.

Students at UC Berkeley live in a variety of housing that cater to personal and academic preferences and styles.

The immediately surrounding community offers apartments, Greek fraternity and sorority housing and cooperative housing, twenty of which are houses that are members of the Berkeley Student Cooperative. The university runs twelve different residence halls: seven undergraduate residence halls or complexes, both with and without themes; family student housing; re-entry student housing; and optional international student housing at the International House , built with a gift from John D.

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Rockefeller, Jr. Undergraduate residence halls are located off-campus in the city of Berkeley. Units 1, 2 and 3, located on the south side of campus, offer high-rise accommodations with common areas on every other floor. Units 1 and 2 share a common dining hall, Crossroads. These buildings share a dining hall. Further away and also on the south side of campus is Clark Kerr, an undergraduate residential complex that houses many student athletes and was once a school for the deaf and blind.

In the foothills east of the central campus, there are three additional undergraduate residence halls: Foothill, Stern, and Bowles. Foothill is a co-ed, suite-style hall reminiscent of a Swiss chalet. Just south of Foothill, overlooking the Hearst Greek Theatre, is the all-women's traditional-style Stern Hall , which boasts an original mural by Diego Rivera. Because of their proximity to the College of Engineering and College of Chemistry , these residence halls often house science and engineering majors.

They tend to be quieter than the southside complexes but often get free glimpses of concerts owing to their proximity to the theater. Bowles Hall , the oldest state-owned residence hall in California, is located immediately north of California Memorial Stadium. Dedicated in and on the National Register of Historic Places, this residence hall is known for its Collegiate Gothic architecture and large rooms "quads" that can accommodate four students. The Channing-Bowditch and Ida Jackson apartments are intended for older students.

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  • University Village is located 3 miles 4. The BSC is a nonprofit housing cooperative network consisting of 20 cooperative homes and member-owners. The birth of the UCSCA, as well as many other cooperative organizations around the country, coincided with the Great Depression precisely as a response to scant resources. By living together in large houses and pooling together resources, members found that their monetary resources could go further to pay for their cost of living than living separately. University-sanctioned fraternities and sororities comprise over 60 houses that are accredited to one of four Governing Councils, all under the umbrella organization of CalGreeks.

    The Associated Students of the University of California ASUC is the official student association that controls funding for student groups and organizes on-campus student events. It is considered one of the most autonomous student governments at any public university in the U. UC Berkeley's student-run online television station, CalTV , was formed in and broadcasts online. It is run by students with a variety of backgrounds and majors. Since the mids, it has been a program of the ASUC.

    Founded in , The Daily Cal became independent in after the campus administration fired three senior editors for encouraging readers to take back People's Park. The Daily Californian has both a print and online edition. Print circulation is about 10, The newspaper is an important source of information for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding City of Berkeley. It is run largely by volunteers, including both students and community members. Berkeley also features an assortment of student-run magazines, most notably Caliber Magazine. Founded in , Caliber Magazine promotes itself as "the everything magazine" by featuring articles and blogs on a wide range of topics.

    UC Berkeley has a reputation for student activism , stemming from the s and the Free Speech Movement. Today, Berkeley is known as a lively campus with activism in many forms, from email petitions, presentations on Sproul Plaza and volunteering, to the occasional protest. Berkeley sends the most students to the Peace Corps of any university in the nation. The Residence Hall Assembly RHA is the student-run residence hall organization that oversees all aspects of residence wide event planning, legislation, sponsorships and activities for over 7, on-campus undergraduate residents.

    Founded in by the President's Council, it is now funded and supported by the Residential and Student Service Programs department on campus.

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    UC Berkeley also has a rich history of student-run consulting groups. Students of all majors are recruited and trained to work on pro-bono consulting engagements with real-life nonprofit clients. The oldest consulting group on campus is Berkeley Consulting , founded in , which has served over companies across technology, retail, banking, and non-profit sectors. ImagiCal [] has been the college chapter of the American Advertising Federation at Berkeley since the late s.

    Every year, the team competes in the National Student Advertising Competition. Students from various backgrounds come together to work on a marketing case provided by the AAF and a corporate sponsor to college chapters across the nation. Most recently, the UC Berkeley team won in their region in , and , going on to win 4th and 3rd in the nation in and , respectively.

    The Berkeley Forum is a student organization that hosts panels, debates, and talks by leading experts from many different fields. The program offers around courses on a vast range of subjects that appeal to the Berkeley student community, including classes on the Rubik's Cube , blockchain , web design , metamodernism, cooking , Jewish Art Through the Ages, 3D animation , and bioprinting.

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    The UC Men's Octet is an eight-member a cappella group founded in featuring a repertoire of barbershop, doo-wop, contemporary pop, modern alternative, and fight songs. They are one of only two multiple time champions of the ICCA , having won the championship in both and The California Golden Overtones, founded in , have a very similar repertoire to the Octet. Noteworthy competed in Season 5 of America's Got Talent.

    It is a tradition for every Berkeley a cappella group to perform under the campus' Sather Gate each week at different times during the week. In addition to a Capella, Berkeley is host to a myriad of other performing arts groups in comedy, dance, acting and instrumental music.